Marketing CoPilot Awarded Canada’s Digital Marketing Consultancy of the Year

Toronto, ON (Dec. 9, 2016)- Marketing CoPilot and Marie Wiese have been awarded the titles of Canada’s Digital Marketing Consultancy of the Year and Marie Wiese, President of Marketing CoPilot is Canada’s Gamechanger of the Year by ACQ5 (Acquisition Finance Magazine).

Marketing CoPilot Awarded Canada’s Digital Marketing Consultancy of the Year

“The ACQ5 Global Awards, launched in 2005 and now in its 11th year, were the first of their kind in the global legal / financial publishing industry. The nature of the industry is changing, and this year we have made fundamental changes to the categories in our ACQ5 Global Awards to reflect this,” states the editor, Jake Robson. “The main purposes of these changes are: to focus on organisations and individuals that can demonstrate an ability to deliver services and skills to meet clients’ needs and adapt to market and regulatory conditions and to consider candidates that may not always be global in scale, but are truly world class in the way they are run and in the services they deliver to clients,” he continues, “ACQ5 Global Awards decisions are firmly based on peer nominations following the receipt of detailed submissions from market participants and extensive year-round research into the markets in all global regions. ACQ5 Global Awards cover global categories, best-in-class awards in all regions in over 100 countries around the world.”

Voting closed during August 2016. The total number of nominations received stood at an amazing 75,246 nominations, their highest ever. We, at Marketing CoPilot, appreciate the recognition as we continue to strive for success in our industry.

About Marketing CoPilot

Marketing CoPilot Inc. provides companies with digital marketing strategies that produce measurable business results. Our proven methodology improves demand generation, resulting in qualified leads for your sales team. Companies that implement the Marketing CoPilot Content Marketing Program have reduced their cost of lead acquisition, improved the quality of their leads, and increased revenues.

About ACQ5

Serving the finance sector since 2003, ACQ5 provides a Global audience of over 159,000+ subscribers with the information behind the headlines. ACQ5, the English-language magazine news portal is read exclusively by senior executives holding power and authority at major organisations. The magazine is intended for CEO’s & CFO’s as well as other corporate finance and private equity executives from all corners of the globe. The Acquisition Finance Magazine’s articles focus on players (who is investing?), targets (who is being bought?) or both (who is buying whom?), as well as the driving forces in various industries. ACQ5 explores the topics of strategy and human resources. In short: everything that financial decision makers need to know. In terms of its breadth and quality, ACQ5 holds a unique place in the English-language publishing community.