Understanding Digital Marketing from a Human Perspective Webinar Replay

This webinar was originally featured here on Womenwhodare.com.


Despite a decent amount of time spent and even generations born into the digital age, there still seems to be a disconnect between how we think we should sell and how we actually want to be sold to. Marie, joined Women Who Dare to tell us exactly what you’re getting wrong and where you can improve to better communicate and sell to your ideal customer.


Marie tells us that despite all the technical aspects of digital marketing, at the end of the day digital marketing is really about connecting with people; individuals. How well you do that determines how good you are at digital marketing. The ‘bad news’ is that we are no longer making face to face conversation with people; rather, it’s screen to screen. It can be more challenging to connect via screen. The good news is that we can reach more people on a larger scale and still make those connections if we approach digital marketing right.

“Digital Marketing is reaching out to people in a human way to learn if your value proposition matters to them.”

There’s been a shift in the buying experience from a little over 30 years ago. Marie tells a story of her grandfather trying to buy a camper in the 1980’s vs. the buying experience she had when she went to purchase a similar item. As Marie explains, there are three reasons why this buying experience matters:

  1. Old school marketing doesn’t work like it used to
  2. Your website is now your most important sales tool
  3. The buying process has forever changed, therefore the sales process must change too

Watch the webinar to learn more about how your ideal customers find your solution online today and take the quiz to see what version your website is at.