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How Outsourced Marketing for Manufacturers and Distributors Increases Revenue

Marketing for Manufacturers: Have You Been Poorly Served In the Past When it Comes to Your Marketing Efforts? 

As a manufacturer, your focus is on crafting top-notch products, possibly even pioneering innovations that could reshape your industry. However, when it comes to marketing, you might feel a bit adrift – as though you’ve been handed a puzzle with half the pieces missing. 

Let’s talk about the hesitation you feel when someone mentions outsourcing your marketing efforts. It’s understandable. After all, your business is your pride and joy, and you want to nurture it with the utmost care. There are several reasons why you may be feeling this hesitation:  

  • cost concerns 
  • confidentiality and security 
  • risk of misalignment  
  • fear of losing control over your brand’s messaging 

Your business is a culmination of your time and effort in the industry, so entrusting its promotion to others can feel stressful, like letting a stranger babysit your child. Many manufacturers share your concerns.  

The First Steps into Outsourced Marketing for Manufacturers 

Typically, dipping your toes into outsourcing your marketing efforts involves delegating tasks like website development or preparing materials for trade shows. It’s a sensible starting point. Yet, without a cohesive strategy, these isolated efforts can fall short. While you may have capable individuals managing various marketing facets, without a dedicated marketing strategist and centralized direction, progress can feel aimless.   

Without this centralized strategy, there’s a risk of disjointed execution across your different marketing channels like your website, social media, and materials at trade shows. External agencies or freelancers may lack the deep understanding needed to integrate these efforts cohesively with internal operations. This lack of strategy can bring a lot of the fears you have to fruition, costing your business time and money on efforts with little to no return on investment. 

The Solution? A Marketing Strategy Tailored for Your Business 

What you need is a marketing team that formulates a strategy tailored to your business, its unique value proposition, and ideal customer base. Every action should stem from and reinforce this central strategy.  

In today’s competitive landscape, manufacturers require a team that doesn’t just implement generic tactics but centers its strategy around the unique aspects of their business, value proposition, and buyer personas. This strategic alignment ensures that every marketing initiative is purposeful and resonates deeply with target audiences. By understanding the intricacies of the manufacturer’s products, industry positioning, and customer demographics, your marketing team can craft messaging and campaigns that effectively communicate the brand’s strengths and address the specific needs and preferences of their ideal buyers. 

The Revenue Growth Formula for Manufacturers and Distributors 

The Growth Formula is our recipe for success when it comes to marketing for manufacturers. Think of it as a strategic blueprint that helps us focus on where we can make the most valuable connections. Let’s break it down: 

1b(3tx3a) + (3p+3i+3e) = Increased Revenue 

Documented Buyer Persona (b): Knowing who you’re talking to is crucial. This isn’t just about demographics; it’s about understanding your buyer’s problems, what triggers their buying decisions, and the obstacles they face. A well-defined buyer persona helps in targeting the right audience with precision. 

Buyer Triggers (t): Identify what prompts your buyers to search for a solution. These triggers could be anything from poor response times from their current provider to specific pain points they need to solve immediately. Recognizing these triggers allows you to craft messages that resonate deeply. 

Attributable Touchpoints (a): These are the measurable interactions buyers have with your content. Think of these touchpoints as breadcrumbs leading them back to you. Whether it’s a whitepaper download, a webinar view, or a blog post read, these touchpoints help in understanding the buyer’s journey. 

Partners to Co-Market (p): Teaming up with other companies to create joint content and share audiences is a win-win. Co-marketing not only expands your reach but also brings fresh perspectives to your content. 

Company Influencers (i): Leverage people in your network who can amplify your message. LinkedIn remains the top platform for B2B interactions. Identifying and engaging with influencers can significantly boost your content’s reach and credibility. 

Events (e): Don’t underestimate the power of face-to-face interactions, whether at conferences, webinars, or networking events. These events provide opportunities to build relationships and showcase your expertise.  

When you combine these elements—buyer personas, triggers, touchpoints, partners, influencers, and events—you create a robust strategy to grow your revenue. 

Manufacturers and Distributors, Meet Your Marketing Copilot® 

At Marketing Copilot, we work with manufacturers and distributors who are frustrated that their marketing spend is not driving revenue. Our proven methodology ensures that your marketing tactics are aligned with revenue and you are achieving the growth you desire. Our Growth Formula for manufacturers and distributors is a simple, proven and effective approach to improve customer acquisition and it is customized to your unique business. 

Marketing Copilot’s strategy-centered approach ensures that all marketing efforts, whether digital campaigns, content marketing, or traditional advertising, are cohesive and complementary. Instead of deploying isolated tactics, the team focuses on initiatives that reinforce the manufacturer’s brand identity and competitive advantages.  

Avoid failure, Embrace success! 

Your business won’t grow if you don’t have a customer acquisition plan mapped out for your business. Most companies spend money on tactics that don’t produce real leads. Stop doing this and create real leads for your business. 

Look forward to gaining visibility into what in your marketing spend is working, where your prospects are on the buyer path, and how your pipeline is building. You’ll have a web presence and content plan that reflects your values and processes and be seen as a leader in your market with clear strategies driving sales. 

Get the Growth Formula for Manufacturers and Distributors here! 

The Marketing Copilot® Team gives you access to a group of experts with thousands of hours of experience in B2B technology marketing, particularly within the Microsoft, MSP and HubSpot channels. Our formula, developed over 15 years with over 200+ technology leaders, is not just pioneering — it’s proven. We integrate seamlessly with your team, enhancing your sales and marketing processes and growing your revenue.