5 Important Tasks for your Microsoft Dynamics Checklist

Follow These 5 Content Marketing Resolutions to Succeed in 2020…

  1. I will have an organized Editorial Calendar based on a defined keyword strategy that has been researched based on my Buyer Persona.
  2. I will track and measure every 30 days the results of content and I won’t succumb to vanity metrics.
  3. I will reassess my Value Proposition and ensure it is performing for my best customer.
  4. I won’t agree to content that is off-strategy or has had no CTA attached. No more company picnic posts!
  5. I will use better Marketing Automation tools to assess alignment with sales and really dig in to how my content supports the buyer journey.

Add These Tasks for Marketing Automation

  1. Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a full marketing automation solution that’s completely compatible with Dynamics 365 CRM. Build, automate, and monitor the full customer journey by customizing information across multiple channels that adapts to each customer’s actions for a truly personalized buyer experience.
  2. Create automated email campaigns that use customizable templates to support marketing initiatives. The drag-and-drop design tools make it easy to realize great-looking graphical, stylized email messages that can be previewed in different devices and set up for lead scoring.
  3. Plan campaigns and sales events using Dynamics 365 for Marketing management feature. From planning and budgeting to publication and promotion, you can have all of the information about your events in one place so it’s easy to coordinate and evaluate ROI.
  4. Nurture and score leads by using personized customer journeys that deliver relevant, perfectly timed messages. Dynamics 365 for Marketing makes it easy to determine which leads to pursue by calculating a score for each lead based on number of factors such as demographics and actions taken. Examples of scorable interactions include: opening an email, visiting your website, or attending an event.
  5. Marketing automation makes it easy for marketing and sales to be on the same page. When qualified leads reach a sales-ready threshold, they can be passed along to the sales team.