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  • Hybrid Intelligence: Working With AI, Not Against It

    Why do we need machines and humans? When we talk about AI, we so often speak in terms of Human vs. Machine. Hybrid Intelligence re-frames this idea, instead prompting us to consider Human and Machine. As ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, and other artificial intelligence tools continue to revolutionize how we create content, one of the biggest…

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  • Three hands each holding up one finger, then two fingers, then three fingers.

    3 Important Things CXOs Need to Know About Generative AI

    Over the past ten years, we’ve built our agency on helping B2B businesses adopt marketing automation technology, and we can’t be more excited now that ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot are hitting the market. Based on our experimentation so far, we think that large parts of the marketing function can be either automated or augmented with…

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  • The AI Future: The 4 Possible Futures of B2B Marketing

    What is the AI future of B2B Marketing?Marketers conduct consumer research to track necessary developments, futurologists track trends and events to understand what people are valuing. How can we combine these practises?

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  • The Marketing CoPilot Predictions: Why AI Might Transform B2B Channel Strategy

    At Marketing CoPilot, we’ve experienced first-hand how SEO and SEM as we currently know it could change dramatically in the next couple years, and in turn would mean major changes for inbound marketing as a field.

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  • How B2B Marketers Can Compete with AI-Generated Content 

    Although content marketing is consistently rated as one of the top marketing tactics by B2B marketers, it has always been one of the most challenging channels to manage correctly. Now that ChatGPT and generative AI are part of our technological landscape, it will be even harder to stand out in crowded marketplaces, and more difficult…

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  • Chat GPT

    ChatGPT & Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Inbound Marketing

    In 1950, a British computer scientist named Alan Turing developed the “Turing Test”, which is passed when someone cannot tell whether they are speaking to a computer or another human. This enchanting idea, which he also called the “imitation game”, has since inspired many attempts to fool humans with technology, particularly through chatbots — automated…

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Artificial intelligence and content marketing

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  • Why Most B2B Businesses Struggle to Hit $10 Million Per Year

    How B2B Businesses Can Achieve Their Revenue Goals In our conversations with potential clients, most often B2B businesses with complex sales cycles, a consistent theme we hear from them is that they would like to be making ten million dollars per year in revenue, and eventually become a one hundred million dollar company. While this…

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  • Era of Marketing blog banner of a woman speaking into a megaphone

    What Era of Marketing Are You Living In?

    How to Keep Up with the Digital Marketing Revolutions When was the last time you truly assessed what era of marketing you are doing business in? We know that change is a constant, but with the pace of business today it can be difficult to press “pause” and reflect on how far we’ve come. Ever…

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  • 5 Important Tasks for your Microsoft Dynamics Checklist

    Follow These 5 Content Marketing Resolutions to Succeed in 2020… Add These Tasks for Marketing Automation

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  • Is Marketing Automation Part of your Microsoft Dynamics Budget?

    If you’re part of the team that leads the annual budgeting process, you have likely already engaged in “budgeting” for 2020. Whether you’re in sales, marketing, or part of the management team, this is probably not your favourite part of the job. If you’re a marketer, or responsible for the marketing budget, it’s even less…

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  • How to Choose the Right Marketing Automation Tool for Microsoft Dynamics

    Marketing automation has revolutionized marketing by creating tailored customer journeys that can be tracked across multiple channels. But possibly the most beneficial aspect of this amazing software is its ability to refocus efforts so that businesses both big and small have more of the one thing there never seems to be enough of…TIME.

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  • 5 Must-Haves for any B2B Website

    5 Must-Haves for Any B2B Website

    In a digital-first world, your website and web presence should be the cornerstone of your lead generation program. But if your website is product-centric (and basically a product brochure) versus customer-centric and focused on customer issues and language, you are going to have difficult time competing online. Download Guide: Developing a Lead Generating Website Aligned…

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