Dear Sales & Marketing: Start saying things prospects need to hear.

There is power in the written (or spoken) word

The language you use is important when you’re drafting content or speaking to a prospect. Selling today isn’t just about volume of leads or how many sales calls you make in a day. It’s about how your sales team interacts with those leads and the processes you put into place to push them through the sales funnel faster and more efficiently.

Sales and Marketing consist of two principles today: Generating leads and nurturing those leads. In order to do this, marketing must create relevant customer-centric content that attracts your prospects in each stage of the buying journey. Sales needs to be in alignment with the marketing strategy so that by the time you get on a sales call with a prospective customer, you are using the same language to close them that they saw when they were making the decision to shortlist you.

How to create content that will engage people and close more deals

Start with content and messaging that provides your buyer with value. You must first determine your Value Proposition. A value proposition is not your tagline or mission statement but a clear articulation of why someone should buy from you. Create content that helps your buyer solve a problem. Do not write content about your functions and features unless you are clearly describing how they will help solve a problem. Do not write about your company picnic, unless you are in event management and you’ve come up with a great solution to solve someone’s company picnic problem.

If you create content for each step of the buying journey, buyers will be able to self-educate faster and make the decision to contact you quicker. If you are really clear and consistent with your content, you’ll not only be generating leads but you’ll be passing ‘best customer’, high quality leads to your sales team more and more.

Determine what your value proposition is by downloading the workbook.

How to speak to prospective customer to qualify them in or out of the pipeline faster

Once marketing has done their job, it is time for the sales team to really shine. While the marketing team is qualifying leads with content and numerous touch points online, sales is creating a more one-to-one customized experience. Every company has a different sales process but 9/10 times, a deal is created in a qualifying sales call. How a sales person interacts with a prospect can either close a deal or lose a deal very quickly. The most efficient sales people understand how to properly converse with a prospect to gain trust and speak directly to the problem they are trying to solve.

There is a whole vocabulary of words that your sales team should be learning today in order to be more efficient and close deals faster. Without even realizing it, the reason you lose a deal is not necessarily because they didn’t like your product but because you were not delivering the message with the right words.

We suggest every sales team brush up on their sales vocabulary with HubSpot’s dictionary.